Cal Poly Pomona Receives New SMTCL Machine

VMC850B Donated to Give Students Real CNC Training

Pomona, CA February 15, 2015- SMTCL-Americas donates a new machine tool to Cal Poly Pomona’s engineering department.

California State Polytechnic University of Pomona is receiving a new SMTCL VMC850B. This Vertical Machining Center will allow for the engineering department to give a more hands-on experience to students. The Formula SAE and BAJA SAE teams will also greatly benefit from the new machine. Currently the team uses the SMTCL Brio for making parts and wheels for their vehicles. With the new VMC, students will have a better chance of spending more time working on the machines. "What is great about the VMC850B is that it comes with everything; coolant thru the spindle, spindle chiller, chip conveyer, 10,000 RPM and even an oil skimmer," explains Professor Clifford Stover.

Along with a new learning experience, students will also be able to cut costs and save time before competitions for Formula SAE begin. "Cost is one of the judging factors in Formula SAE, and it is up to the team of students to ensure that they stay within budget", explains Stover. Before receiving the Brio machine, the team had to send out all designs to an outside source. This not only affected the cost of the car, but also infringed on time that the students could have been using to practice. "It is not just a race", explains design lead Steve Saffron, "it is the largest engineering design competition in the world, and having the correct tools to get us there is one of the biggest factors to our success".

SMTCL has been working with Cal Poly Pomona for over five years. Jamie Gonzalez is the SMTCL distributor who first contacted the schools engineering department. "It is important for young future engineers, technicians, and machinists to all have the proper training on a CNC machines", explains Gonzalez, "With experience on the Brio and now with the VMC850B, we are happy to give the students what they need to be successful in this field".

SMTCL is a subsidiary of SYMG, the largest Machine Tool Manufacturer in the world producing 80,000 Machine Tools each year and with revenues of $2.9 Billion. SMTCL has over 300 products including CNC Boring Mills, Vertical Turning Centers, Vertical Machining Centers, Horizontal Turning Centers, Horizontal Machining Centers, Gantry Type Machining Centers, Pipe Threading Machines and Tapping Centers. SMTCL also makes Conventional Lathes, Boring Mills, and Radial Drills. SMTCL has design centers and multiple factories in Germany and China. SMTCL-Americas headquarters are located in the City of Industry, California. Through a network of 15 Distributors in the US, Canada, and Mexico, SMTCL-Americas provides local service and support to customers in a variety of industries including Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Automotive, Electronics, and Job Shop.